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About Anping Razor Concertina Wire Factory
Anping Razor Concertina Wire Factory is engaged in producing and distributing barbed wire and razor wire products. Our factory director, Mr. Wang Fucai, is the patent holder of new type razor barbed wire in China(Patent Certificate ZL02235742.4).

Barbed Wire offered by Anping Razor Concertina Wire Factory falls into five varieties: electric galvanized barbed iron wire, hot-dip zinc-plating barbed iron wire, PVC coated barbed iron wire, PE barbed iron wire, stainless steel barbed wire. We also have developed Concertina Barbed Wire recently.

Razor wire we offer mainly includes single coil razor wire and concertina coil razor wire. This year, we have successfully developed and begun production of razor wire mesh products, which receive immediate welcome from our customers.

This factory also supplies different wire mesh fences that are often used together to reinforce security for residences, buildings and places. We are located in Anping of Hebei Province, which is near to Beijing, Capital City of China. We encourage you to visit our factory at your convenient.

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